Fashion Frenzy Friday

Sweater Weather is here! One of my favorite seasons. You can do a lot with fall outfits. Dress sweaters up with heels or dress down with tennis shoes. My favorite thing- LAYERS! I love layering things.

As a busy mama, I hardly get to a store anymore. Online shopping won me over with how easy it is (and addictive it can be).

Today I wanted to share my favorites that I found this week.

First though:

I do want to let all of my amazing fans know that I may share affiliate marketing links on my pages about products I love. What does this mean? It means I can make some money, (mostly for online shopping so I can give you the BEST options)  if you click on the links, purchase or subscribe.

Ok, Let’s start with the pants! I am all about skinny jeans. You can do so much with them.

Next- the sweater (my favorite) You can tuck part of the sweater in, tie a knot or let it flow. So many choices. All can be paired with the skinny jeans above! Let your inner fashion craze out!

Next, the shoes. Oh how I love shoes! Basically you can really pair any type of boot, wedge or heel with skinny jeans. Today, I choose wedges.

Last but not least- the accessory. With this outfit, I chose a stylish bag/purse to add the final touch. This is so versatile and can be adjusted to a backpack. Not a fan of brown? They have 4 other colors!

Well ladies, that’s a wrap for today’s Fashion Frenzy Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Frenzy Friday

  1. I love this outfit! I love layers too, but then again I’m always cold and its easier to remove a layer if you get too hot haha. Recently I have been coming around to the brown leather look and this bag kills it! Great choices!


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