Let’s face it, if our mornings don’t start out right, our mood is terrible the rest of the day. Well I guess for me that’s how it works on occasion. More so because I am the type of person that if things aren’t done, I lose my sh… you get the point.

Start the evening before- I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true.

                Tip 1- Do the dishes before bed. Not sure if you are anything like me but dishes give me anxiety. Stop doing them 2-3x a day. Just let them pile up (I promise you’ll survive). After kids are in bed or it’s time to wind down- DO THOSE DISHES! You will feel such a sense of relief when you wake up in the morning and see a clean sink

                Tip 2- Set up your coffee (or tea), water bottles & vitamins right before you go to bed. I personally get the coffee set up and timer on, I fill my blender bottles with the needed OZ of water for the day and place them in the fridge & set my vitamins on the counter.

                Tip 3- Set out your clothes & the kids clothes during bedtime routines. Before I did this, I found myself scrambling to find clothes for the boys & I’d literally just throw on clothes for myself. AND- we were always late, haha.

                Tip 4- MORNING- Grab your journal or devotional and start reading. Do this before you pick up your phone, before the kids wake up. Nothing beats 10 minutes with the lord in silence. Plus, don’t forget too, that Self Care is not selfish. You can read that post here https://joyfulmama.home.blog/2019/09/02/self-care-self-love/

                Tip 5- Get up- stretch & get dressed. Get those muscles loose. Get out of your jammies. Seriously, I know how much that can be a struggle but I tell you what, something about getting dressed makes me feel motivated for the day. Whether it’s skinny jeans & a tee or leggings & a baggy shirt, just get dressed. Splash some water on that face of yours and you are ready to tackle a new day!

Hopefully these 5 things can help make your morning better and feel less stressed!

Much Love,


13 thoughts on “5 TIPS TO A BETTER MORNING

  1. Love! Such great tips to start the morning the right way. I always write in my gratitude journal first thing in the morning and it makes such a difference to get the day started with positive vibes


  2. Love this! Especially about doing the dishes the night before. That is something that I recently started doing and it has helped me to stop feeling so overwhelmed in the morning.


  3. Love this! I recently started doing the dishes the night before and I have found that has helped me to stop feeling so overwhelmed in the morning.


  4. It’s all about the night before prep for me! Such simple things make such a difference to our day and yet we don’t always take a few minutes to make life easier! There’s nothing worse than waking up to dirty dishes.


  5. Great tips for a good morning! I also find I’m less stressed/running around when I get my lunch ready (or mostly ready) the night before. Then I can grab and go.


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