It’s Fall Y’all

Fall officially started yesterday. However, here in PA is doesn’t feel like it yet. I mean it’s like 50’s/60’s in the morning, then mid 70’s by noon, low 80’s by 4 then back down to 60’s by late evening. So, just break out clothing for all seasons right now.

I absolutely love fall. I love the colors. The cooler temps (sometime soon, I hope). Bonfires. Football. You get the point.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Fall is proof that change is beautiful. AMEN! Change can be hard but when you look at it this way- leaves changing, man, it’s so beautiful.

Looking for ways to fill up your fall season? I’ve got your Fall Bucket List ready for you!

So get excited and start making memories

7 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’all

  1. I love fall even though I live in Miami. I live vicariously through the northerners. We have our fall like moments where we pull out the boots and scarves temporarily but it serves its purpose.


  2. Great fall ideas! We did a fall scavenger hunt this year to make some fall decor, oh my goodness, it was so much fun for the whole family. We will have to check a few off of your list here too.
    I must say I’m rather jealous of your beautiful weather, it has been feeling like fall here for a long while already. Freezing temps already sigh. Always cold in Saskatchewan.Thanks for the great ideas!


    1. It’s definitely fall in the mountains! The aspens are turned a bright shade of yellow! I do enjoy fall, but it is a reminder the snow is quickly approaching! We woke up to 32 degrees this morning!! 😬 Going to be checking off some items from your list!! Cheers!


  3. Fall in Minnesota sounds a lot like PA! This morning it was 45 when the kids left for school and will be in the 70’s this afternoon. I love your ideas for getting out and making memories. I will definitely pull people out of the house this weekend!


  4. I love that fall bucket list! :] I’m definitely hoping to go apple picking and I’d love to find a fall festival to go to! ❤ fall candles + apple cider too!


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