Time & time again we are left scrambling on mondays to get stuff done. It’s probably why mondays can suck! As a wife, mom & business owner I have to plan. There is no other way around it or I lose my cool at 6am every monday. How do I know? Because I’ve been there, more times than I care to admit.

Think of Sunday like the first day of the week- Plan, Prep, Prepare

I started taking notes on what was working, what wasn’t and came up with a list ( you all know i love lists)

Lets get to the meat & potatoes.

  1. Plan out your week – get your to do list in order- personal & business. Personal- kids schedules, practices, etc. If you are a business owner- take 30 minutes to 1 hour and set up your meetings, get all content scheduled for the week, etc
  2. Meal Prep – For some reason this gets me highly motivated plus when I do it on Sunday’s I’m less likely to make poor eating choices
  3. Prioritize your to do list – most urgent to least 
  4. Write out your goals for the week- small & big- What do you want to accomplish for the week with your job or business. Put it up where you will see it daily
  5. Self Care – take time to do something for you no matter how small (read a chapter in a personal development book)
  6. Clean out your inbox – I HATE when my inbox is full. So clean out your emails. Save the important ones (to-do for Monday- go back to the important ones) and get rid of spam
  7. Clean your space – I can’t function if my office is NOT organized. So make time to clean up your office, reading nook or whatever it is. You’ll feel inspired after it, I promise
  8. Unwind and Relax- grab a glass of wine and a good movie, or cuddle with your significant other  

Who’s ready to rock it this week? You’ve got this! Monday’s won’t suck!



4 thoughts on “MONDAYS DON’T SUCK

  1. These are great ideas! I completely agree that it is important to plan out your week ahead of time. Also, Meal prepping is my favorite!


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