The Dark Hole

A New Day is on the Horizon

You may see me as a happy go lucky, full of life mama to 3 & wife to my best friend- that my friends, I am. I absolutely love my life & everything in it.

What you don’t see-

✔ the deep dark hole
✔ fear
✔ anxiety
✔ hopelessness
✔ feeling alone
✔ struggle

This dark place I’ve been in for just over a year is UGLY. So UGLY.

A few days ago, it dawned on me.

What I have realized is that I’ve chosen to try to control every aspect of my life rather than let it go to God.

Yes, I’m a Christian but the fact is, I’m truly lost.

I’m lost in trying to do all the things. Every day. When in fact, I need to hand everything over to God.

My heart was in the wrong place.
My energy was going places it shouldn’t
My happiness was fading

My husband and I went through a couples book this past November & it really opened my eyes.

“A wife loves her husband best when she treasures Jesus the most”

Read that again friends.

I believe it also should state: as a Mom, as a Entrepreneur, as a Friend.

Simply put- God is first, period.

If your heart isn’t right with God, it’s not right with anyone or anything in your life

Today- start by asking God to help you through his Grace, that you choose to seek him first so that you can love everything else.

With a New Year approaching, now is the time to do it!

Much love,


5 thoughts on “The Dark Hole

  1. Love your transparency! We as believing women need to be real with one another and recognize the fact that there’s no shame. Scripture says that our faces are never covered and shame and we need to reach out to one another and encourage one another to deeper intimacy w God. Grateful.


  2. It’s so true that you never know what someone else is going through behind the scenes. I hope you find yourself again and I hope you will go easy on yourself- we all go through figuring stuff out when it doesn’t seem to be working. You have the strength to discover what means most to you and ride the wave of life. ❤


  3. This is soooo good! I think most wives/mommas feel that way at one point in their lives. I know I have. I love the quote about a wife loves her husband when her heart is for God, it’s like He puts everything into place once we turn to Him! It’s amazing what He can do! Thank you for this!


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