Bring on the eye rolls

I am B I G on routines for kids & in return, I get the eye rolls.

Let me first state that I am not shaming others just because I do something different! I’m basically explaining that routines are HUGE in my house and if my advice helps another mama, then I did my job!

I have 3 kids ranging from 10 months to 5 years and at some point they have ALL napped or currently still nap during the day.

I am so big on naps ya’ll and if nap time falls during a playdate, birthday party or any other type of function- We aren’t coming. Sorry. They don’t take my cranky, whiney or complete turd home to deal with for the rest of the day, I DO. Naps for my kids did wonders. They woke up and were able to function again and all was well in our house (most of the time, because well, we aren’t a perfect family either) If they didn’t nap, all hell breaks loose. Seriously. Then mama is over here losing her shit along with them.

My kids go to bed early. Anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30pm. The time truly depends on the day we had. My oldest doesn’t nap anymore and the middle will occasionally ask to nap but that’s rare now. So it mainly depends on the middle child. Why so early? Here’s the deal. Kids need sleep. They need sleep to function just like us adults do. It’s better for their brains, their bodies and mama’s sanity. Plus, I would much rather have them waking up on their own at 6/7am than me trying to pull their little bodies out of bed at 8/9am hoping we aren’t going to be late for school. When they go to bed that early, I get time for myself, chat with my husband or to finish things around the house.

You should see the eye rolls I get when I explain our family won’t be at a party or play-date. Sorry, not sorry!

Our bedtime routines look like this:

  • Baths- 6PM
  • Read a book 6:30PM
  • Get tucked in 6:40PM
  • BOTH sleeping by 7:00PM.

It’s the same every night. The boys love when daddy comes in and starts reading to them. They expect it!

It will be no different with my youngest. She is still adjusting to schedules & routines.

Bottom line- you do you mama. We found what works for our family and it works well. Don’t be afraid to say NO to a friend because you have your ways set. It’s okay. They will get over it.

Much love!


3 thoughts on “Bring on the eye rolls

  1. I would love to have a routine, but we have never suited it. My eldest is a non sleeper even as a young child. She was in routine until 4 then suddenly changed. Amazing to hear that you have kept it up so well! Every parent is very different!


  2. I am right with you! I just never told anyone that was why we weren’t going lol We are big on routines in my house too. Bedtime was always 7:30 when they were young, so it felt like bath time happened right after dinner. My daughter is going to be 12 now, so she goes to bed at 9 and my 6 year old is in bed around 8. It’s worked out well for us!


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