A Grateful Journal

What the heck is a grateful journal? I’m sure you are asking yourself that question.

I actually stumbled across the 5 Minute Journal last year. Maybe you have heard of it but maybe you haven’t.

I wanted something similar and something a little less expensive, so I decided to grab a blank notebook and started my own Grateful Journal.

Find a notebook or go buy a cheap one – Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx all have super cute ones


Every Morning: List 5 things you are grateful for. This allows you to get your heart right every single day. Open up the journal before you grab your phone and scroll facebook. PLEASE! Shifting your mindset requires you to focus on positives.


Every Night: Write down the BEST thing that happened that day. This allows you to see all the great stuff that happens every day. Are all days going to be good? Nope. But when you start to focus on what was good even if it was a bad day, your mind starts to shift yet again.

What I find when doing this is that my heart is right. I’m more at peace with myself. My attitude has become so much better each day, even during times that aren’t going right.

I also have found an amazing app (android) too. This is something you can download for free!

Gratitude (pink icon) is what it’s called. What I love about this is that it gives you a quote everyday. Personally, I love that!

Obviously- you do you girl. This is something that has helped me daily while being a mom of 3 under 5. It can get a bit c r a z y at times but at least my heart, my mind and my soul are right.

Be Grateful. Cheers Friends!

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